Unethical journalism vs. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Picture: Sunrise Movement

Spectrum News NY1 Investigative Reporter Myles Miller doesn´t like AOC very much and said that: “Most AOC stories are garbage, but this one is very important,” referring to a NY Post article talking about where does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez live. Apparently, it is very important to know where does she eat, sleep and watch Saturday Night Live.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez found the article that Myles Miller thought was “very important” outrageous. And she responded.

“I still live in my hood and literally Instagrammed from my apartment tonight. A man was just arrested last week with a stockpile of guns specifically trying to kill me and others, so yeah I’m not gonna disclose my personal address or tell people when I move. Sorry!”

The NYPost.com piece also published the alleged cost of AOC’s rental office: $17.000 a month. But, is the New York Post playing with their audience and trying to damage Ocasio’s public image?

Since Alexandria was elected for the U.S. House of Representatives, almost all conservative media and journalists have tried to make Ocasio look like a hypocrite politician by talking about her clothes, her house, her family, where was she born, her pants, her dancing videos… and thinking that if she represents the people from the Bronx, she shouldn’t be having a good salary or having a nice office… Well, okay.

What bothers me the most is that the conservative media is talking about AOC’s as if she should be poor or middle class forever and denying that she is actually a very popular and, for now, a successful politician. But their opposition is not being addressed correctly. Why are they talking about her expensive jackets and not about what they believe is wrong about her political agenda? Do they know people actually like her political agenda?

Are conservative writers rejecting the idea that someone who comes from the Bronx and got to be loved by many of her neighbors doesn’t have the right to —allegedly— dress better, move to a better house, have an office or wear a necklace?

It confuses me so much all these attempts to talk sh*t about her lifestyle, that I am even starting to think that they believe someone with certain ideas or people who come from certain areas shouldn’t have success in their careers.

If you want to start a discussion with Alexandria about anything, do it by talking about climate change, education, or healthcare. But don’t try to gossip as if you were not part of a serious journal, magazine or whatever.


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