Trump made a mistake yesterday in meeting with Pelosi


According to Scott Dworkin, co-founder of the Democratic Coalition, Trump was not happy about yesterday’s meeting with Nancy Pelosi and what that meeting lead to.

“GOP consultant tells me Trump is absolutely enraged by the news coverage of his meeting with Pelosi and Schumer today. Trump apparently blames Pence for not speaking up. He thinks Pence lost it for him. And he wishes he never held the meeting, calling it a set up”

Media coverage of the meeting was undoubtedly negative for Trump’s image. What he considers a “set up”, according to Dworkin sources, is in fact his own set up.

When the meeting started yesterday, Trump called the press and told them to come in. What it was supposed to be a meeting about President plans to try to get more funds for the wall construction ended up being a political reality-show.

What Donald Trump pictured as a way to make clear his views against “those who are against border security and immigration control” turned out in a day that will be remembered as the day Trump’s threatened to shut down the government after losing a political battle against the (Democrat) Congress Speaker.

Pelosi said yesterday that “Trump’s obstinacy with the wall is just a manhood thing.”



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