Thousands of people demonstrated in Paris against increase on fuel taxes


Thousand of demonstrators went out to the streets in France to protest against the increase of taxes on fuel. Emmanuel Macron decision is being radically rejected by the majority of population in this european country as it will result in “reducing purchasing power” of workers and “will affect economy’s productivity”, demonstrators say.

This measure is going to affect mainly low and mid class citizens but also transport companies, delivery services and truck drivers who work on their own.

Another increase was also passed in Spain a few weeks ago without any reaction from the masses and some other countries in Europe seem to be thinking about doing as France or Spain have done. This increase is the result of big national debts and low financial liquidity levels that most european countries manage after 2007’s world economy crisis.

Although euopean’s GDP has been raising for the past years without many exceptions, rich people concentrate more money every year making the gap between richest and poorest bigger and bigger. Even more if we keep in mind that “normal” citizens or majority of them who are not in the top 10% had to pay for financial mistakes from the past with this “purchasing power reduction” policies that european countries have been adopting to pay basic services, keeping taxes on big corporations intact.


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