Theresa May will face a motion of confidence today

Picture: Aron Urb

British Prime Minister Theresa May will have to face today a motion of confidence after the Conservative party received today enough letters to start the process.

President of this committee, Graham Brady has received more than the 48 letters needed to convene the English parliament for a motion of confidence.

Brady announced the balloting will be between 6.00PM and 8.00PM English time today. Consequences of May winning today would mean that there could be no other similar processes in the next year, according to British parliamentary rules.

Today’s motion of confidence comes after Theresa May postponed the parliament vote on Brexit yesterday after general rejection on Brexit deal by ‘tories’ and opposition.

Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, Sajid Javid said that “the last thing that we need is a motion questioning our Prime Minister leadership.”

Labour party members said in a statement today that “conservatives have to think if they want general elections to support May leadership” or “she has to step aside.”

Results will be published as soon as the English parliament finishes to vote.




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