The day when a Mexican politician climbed the border wall to prove a point

Picture: Braulio Guerra | Twitter | @BraulioPRI

Mexican politician Braulio Guerra climbed the wall in 2017 to prove a point: “It is absurd to build a border wall when it is so easy to climb it,” said Guerra in a video he published on Twitter.

“John F. Kennedy talked about the importance of cooperating with Mexico and Latin America. Being good neighbors means working together to stop migratory flows.”

Complex situations usually require complex solutions. Immigration problem is not an issue that only affects the United States.

President of Mexico Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador promised that work visas will be given to Central American migrants who wish to remain in the country.

“We are going to offer employment, jobs for Central American migrants, that is a plan that we have, whoever wants to work in our country will have our support, a work visa,” Mexican president announced.

Lopez Obrador raised to Donald Trump the idea of a regional development plan to avoid immigration when he got elected.

“The plan is that nobody should be forced to emigrate but if they already made the decision, wherever they are from —Guatemala, Honduras…,—they should have work options in Mexico,”said AMLO.

As part of this plan, the Mexican president said that his government has begun to implement projects such as the planting of one million hectares timber trees, which will represent the creation of 400,000 jobs.


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