Pompeo says Trump is building a new liberal world order

Picture: Gage Skidmore

Mike Pompeo in a press conference in Brussels talked about Donald Trump’s international leadership and how United States is being a key part of world’s stability.

“In the finest traditions of our great democracy, we are rallying the noble nations to build a new liberal order that prevents war and achieves greater prosperity.”

U.S. secretary of state also wanted to defend Donald Trump’s decisions often questioned from Europe like April 7th, 2017 bombing in Syria or some economic decisions on trade tariffs or sanctions against Iran, as it affects european corporations or Venezuela, by some left-wing organizations that claim “United States is interfering in South America politics while saying that Russia is interfering in theirs”

“Under President Trump, we are not abandoning international leadership or our friends in the international system. Even our European friends sometimes say we’re not acting in the free world’s interest. This is just plain wrong.”



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