People have the power: French government will suspend fuel tax increase

PIcture: Olivier Ortelpa

French Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe, has decided to end this week of rioting and violence in Paris responding to the gilets jaunes movement.

Tax on petrol and diesel was supposed to be an eco-friendly policy towards alternative fuels, but French citizens saw it a different way. What this taxes meant for low and middle class workers in France was an imminent drop in their purchasing power.

Super-rich people in France, on the other part, have been benefited since Macron took power. Last year, French president, introduced some new tax rates that made the wealthiest 1000 families save an average of $200,000 each a year.

Public made private, rich people being wealthier while poor people losing purchase power, public healthcare worsening and cuts on education are slowly making left movements rise continuously.



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