Peña Nieto will award Jared Kushner (son in law of Donald Trump) and mexicans are shocked


Peña Nieto’s government of Mexico is living its last days of power and making a series of unpopular decisions that are making mexicans angry. Last one, just after announcing increase on fuel taxes in Mexico, is awarding Donald Trump’s son in law, Jared Kushner with one of Mexico’s biggest distinction, the “Orden Mexicana del Águila Azteca”.

Soon, Government of Mexico will grant a medal to Kushner for his contributions helping to reach a deal in new Mexico, U.S. and Canada treaty (T-MEC).

Reactions were very negative in Mexico so many people consider that President Nieto humiliated the country with this decision. Very soon, Peña Nieto will leave presidency of Mexico to Lopez Obrador, who won presidential elections few months ago.


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