Nun dressed as a prostitute to kill priest accuser


A nun disguised as a prostitute to murder Ignacio Martínez Pacheco, the accuser of Juan Manuel Riojas, also known as Father Meño.

Ignacio Martinez was shot on Saturday, on the same day he was advising other victims of rape by priests.

The events took place at midnight after he went to a coffee shop near the hotel where he was staying.

The woman insulted Martinez for damaging the church image with his accusations against paedophile priests. After defending himself from the nun’s insults, Martinez affirms she shot him.

When Ignacio Martinez fell to the ground severely injured after the shooting, she escaped.

“I’m scared, it hurts a lot, I’m shaking, I want to hide. I can not believe that as a victim, I am the one attacked and ordered to kill when my aggressors and the aggressors of others are so happy and continue giving mass.”

Ignacio Martinez pointed out that the woman who shot him was a nun who was sent by the church in reaction to his lawsuits against paedophile priests.



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