German journalist threatened after tweeting: ‘Nazis Out’

Picture: Twitter

German journalist Nicole Diekmann has received several death threats after posting on Twitter: “Nazis raus” — “Nazis out,” in English.

In response to the far-right ‘trolls’ who threatened Diekmann, German journalists and media have started a social media campaign using the hashtag: #NazisRaus to support her.

‘Der Spiegel’, the biggest European weekly magazine, has reported “rape and murder threats” that Nicole Diekmann, a ZDF reporter, would have received during the last days.

Some German soccer teams, such as St. Pauli or Wolfsburg, have also joined the campaign on social media to support Nicole Diekmann.

The St. Pauli soccer team tweeted: “We love Nicole Diekmann and we do not understand why is it so hard to understand #nazisout.”



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