Mother of ICE detainee sues US for 60M$ after toddler died for respiratory illness


Yazmin Suarez, mother of a 19-month-old toddler called Mariee, sued United States government seeking $60 million after her daughter died weeks after being detained.

Juarez and her attorney alleged that ICE and the facility administration didn’t provide enough medical care for the toddler after she suffered a respiratory infection while in detention.

Family from Guatemala had to suffer poor conditions in a Texan Immigration Facility where they were detained for three weeks. Attorney R. Stanton Jones said in a statement that “the US government had a duty to provide this little girl with safe, sanitary living conditions and proper medical care but they failed to do it”.

Mariee was hospitalized the day after getting to New Jersey with her mother and died because of respiratory failure on May 10, according to Juarez’s lawyer. “Yazmin immediately sought medical care for her baby, but it was too late”.



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