Israel to indict Benjamin Netanyahu in a third corruption case

Picture: Jaime Silva

Israeli police authorities have announced that “there is enough evidence to indict Netanyahu in a third corruption investigation”.

Police found evidences of fraud, bribery and financial crimes pointing out to Israeli Prime Minister and his wife in a case called ‘Case 4000’.

Investigators say that Netanyahu could have been financing ilegally Shaul Elovitch in exchange of favorable online news on Walla!, which is owned by Elovitch.

Corruption probes against Netanyahu are now three. In ‘Case 1000’, Netanyahu is suspected to have received gifts from businessmen from 2007 through 2016 for $280,000.

Israel opposition is now calling on Netanyahu resignation after corruption probes were opened against him.

Final decision to indict Israeli Prime Minister doesn’t seem to be very soon, though. Attorney General of Isreal will have the last word.


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