France: 72% of people support demonstrators


A recent poll published by Elabe after ‘yellow vests’ protestors went out to the streets this past two weeks causing violent riots and resulting in thousands of people under arrest shows that three-quarters of French citizens actually support those demonstrators.

As we could see, 72% of people who answered to Elabe’s poll approved ‘yellow vests’ movement. Right now, only 23-25% of French voters trust in president Macron and Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

France has a problem with its political class. There’s no leader right now with a positive rating.

Prime Minister Edouard Phillipe said that “no tax deserves to endanger the unity of the nation” but the protests are making him step back from some tax raises that he announced.

Majority of demonstrators think that fuel tax is intended to finance tax cuts for big corporations. The high cost of living and claims that tax reforms will affect French working-class are on the table as an issue that has to be solved soon, but also they are claiming for measures as the reintroduction of the solidarity tax on wealth, raising of the minimum wage and resignation of Emmanuel Macron.



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