Fentanyl kills 200 people every day in the United States

    Picture: Carlos Johnson

    Deaths caused by Fentanyl have increased by 400% over the last fifteen years, according to data published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in August. Some experts consider Fentanyl as the worst epidemic in the history of the United States.

    Fentanyl overdoses have overtaken AIDS, traffic accidents and firearms as the primary cause of death in the country. The number of overdoses has increased in 38 states in the last months. Florida, California, Pensylvania, and Ohio are the states with most deaths caused by overdose.

    More than two million Fentanyl addicts live in America while putting their lives at risk as Fentanyl is about 50 times more potent than heroin, according to BBC news. To make things worse, some distributors have started mixing Fentanyl with other types of drugs like amphetamines or cocaine.

    Fentanyl usually gets to America from China. One pound costs around $11,000 in China and can generate up to $1.5 million when illegally sold in the United States. Lax regulation on the pharmaceutical industry in China makes it easy for drug distributors to buy this drug online.

    Drug Enforcement Administration —DEA— explained that “it’s very comfortable for sellers because they don’t have to be worried about opium plan anymore.”

    In the United States, there is enough Fentanyl right now to kill every single citizen. In 2016, the DEA confiscated more than 1300 pounds of Fentanyl in American soil.




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