Far right rising in Spain


Far right party VOX was the fourth most voted political party in regional Andalusian elections yesterday in Spain.

Its campaign was based on some familiar statements to all americans, such as: immigrant deportations, shutting down mosques or building a wall. They also propose to tribute and honor former fascist spanish dictator Franco, make abortion illegal or to protect bullfighting as part of spanish culture.

In 2016 Spanish general elections their slogan was: “Make Spain Great Again” or “Hacer España Grande Otra Vez”. They didn’t get a single congressman back then.

French leader Marine Le-Pen congratulated them yesterday just after voting centers closed. Every vote was a victory for a party that never had a deputy before anywhere in Spain.

Exiting party PSOE of Andalusia, with a large history of corruption on their backs, got 33 deputies and 28% of the votes but it’s almost impossible for them to take power again.

The most likely to happen scenario right now in Andalusia is a coalition between conservative party (Popular Party), liberal party (Citizens) and far right party (VOX).

Liberal party Ciudadanos (Citizens) has adopted as well radical anti-immigration and nationalist positions since Catalonia independence movement started, basing on Spanish unity their political programme. Right now, spanish politics is clearly divided in two blocks, nationalists and conservatives and a second block of social-liberal parties that are losing support, even after trying to rise minimum wage from €750 to €900.







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