Congress members return after six days of government shutdown

Picture: Matthew Tietje

The Senate will be in session after the Christmas break on Thursday. According to unofficial sources, lawmakers are not working to end the government shutdown and negotiations over the budget impasse are not expected.

President Trump refuses to end the government shutdown if the Democrats don’t let him spend $5.7 billion for extensions to a Mexico border barrier.

Trump’s wall has been government primary concern, arguing that the United States needs to “stop drugs, human trafficking, gang members and criminals from coming into our country.”

The Democrats, who are against extending and improving Mexico border barrier, think spending $5.7 billion would be “a waste of money and resources.” Even some of Trump’s own Republicans accuse the president of over hyping the immigration problem for political gain.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi have refused to offer anymore than the current $1.3 billion in annual funding for border fencing, but president Trump wants more. Last week, before the government shutdown, Mr. Trump said he will do “whatever it takes” to break the Democrats’ resolve.

On Jan. 3, Democrats will assume the House majority. If President Trump doesn’t want to get to a bipartisan agreement soon, shutdown will continue and one-quarter of the government will remain closed indefinitely.






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