Brazilian congressman issued racist expressions involving Bolivia

Picture: yonolatengo

The most voted congressman of Rio de Janeiro, Rodrigo Amorim, issued racist expressions involving Bolivia on Saturday.

Rodrigo Amorim is a member of Jair Bolsonaro’s party.

“If there is someone who likes the Indians, they can go to Bolivia. In addition to being a communist country, it is still presided by an Indian.”

Also, he indicated that the Maracaná Village —a poor neighbourhood in Rio— is a place “full of trash,” that even “became a meeting point for delinquents and marginals,” he said.

He added that “this urban s**thole is in one of the most important logistical neighbourhoods,” as it is located in an area that connects the North Zone to the South Zone of the city, next to the Maracaná Stadium.

“This neighbourhood could be used as parking, for shopping or as a leisure area instead,” he said.



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