Bolsonaro is not our friend: “If I see two men kissing in the street I’m going to hit them”

Picture: Senado Federal do Brazil

Who is Jair Bolsonaro?

Jair Bolsonaro won Brazil presidential elections by a wide margin. His campaign was driven by promises to get Brazil out of rampant corruption and crime.

“This is fake news!” was the usual reaction every time his voters read negative news about their presidential candidate.

Never the ‘fake news’ had so much relevance in an election campaign in this tropical country. Bolsonaro’s team, responsible for promoting his candidacy up to the presidency, was formally accused of using false news against the candidate of the Workers’ Party.

Brazil tries —for the first time in its democratic history— a far-right government and an excessively controversial and populist president.


Bolsonaro recently announced the exclusion of LGBT citizens from the benefits of policies aimed at the promotion of human rights of the newly created Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights.

In 2011, he said: “I would not be able to love a gay son, I’m not going to be a hypocrite here, I’d rather see my son die in an accident instead of living with a mustachioed man.”

“I’m not going to fight or discriminate, but if I see two men kissing in the street I’m going to hit them.”

“90% of the adopted children (by homosexual couples) are going to be homosexual, and they will prostitute themselves in the future, for sure,” said in a TV interview.


When asked what would be his reaction if one of his children fell in love with a black woman, he said: “I do not run that risk because my children were very well-educated.”

Talking about African descent citizens, he said: “They don’t do anything, we are spending on them more than a billion dollars a year.”

In 2017, he compared black people to cows and said: “I think they are not useful even to procreate.”


The President of Brazil told a female member of Congress in 2003: “I’m not a rapist, but if I were, I would not rape you because you do not deserve it.”

“It’s not a matter of gender quotas, if they put women in, they’ll have to hire blacks too.”

During an interview in January 2018, Bolsonaro explained how he had previously spent the housing allowance he received as a congressman.

“Since I was a bachelor at the time, I used the money to have sex with people,” he said.

Working class hater

“It is a disadvantage to be a boss in this country, with so many rights for workers.”

In 2016, during an interview in a Brazilian radio, he said: “The mistake of our past dictatorship was to torture and not to kill.”

Our friend?

Mike Pompeo said about Jair Bolsonaro that he will be ‘transformative’ for US-Brazil ties. He is already putting pressure on “socialist” neighbour Venezuela and decrying China’s power in the region. But, as he takes charge of Brazil government, a danger to human rights becomes the president of Latin America’s biggest nation.

Brazil’s president Bolsonaro said that he is open to the possibility of hosting a U.S. military base and counter-attack Russian influence in Venezuela.

But the sweets of Bolsonaro are poisoned.

Supporting a far-right government in Latin America like Bolsonaro’s and helping someone who claims “black people are not useful even to procreate” is the worst decision possible.

Would you like Jair Bolsonaro to be your president? How much worth is the United States support for a Latin American country if people like Jair Bolsonaro can become president?

It is time to reevaluate our foreign policies for the twenty-first century.












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