Blood, cocaine and money: one month since El Chapo trial started


First month of El Chapo trial has ended. Joaquin Guzman was the person behind the drug cartel jefe.

A $10 million beach house, a ranch with a zoo, $14 billion in his drug-dealing career, diamond-studded watches or suitcases full of money. His life was plenty of luxury and trips to Macao to gamble. This month, prosecutors got to know the darkest secrets involving El Chapo lifestyle.

In the trials there was endless amounts of nicknames that had to be revealed while people started to give witness. Juan Carlos Ramirez Abadia was one of the firsts to speak in front of the judge and confessed to take part in hundreds of murders, paying hit squads or paying millions of dollars to Colombian congressmen to vote against a law that ended up costing him his extradition to the U.S.

A lawyer of El Chapo, Eduardo Balarezo, tweeted this week some messages to former president of Mexico, Peña Nieto: “Do you regret sending him here?” or another tweet on which he shared the song “Un puño de tierra”, supposedly sent after a witness talked about hearing this song before some armed group tried to attack him. Prosecutors thought this could be understood as a threat to the witness.

His influence is still a mystery, even when he is in jail. The trial will continue for four more months.


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