Bernie Sanders exposes Saudi’s government human rights violations

Picture: Alex Hanson

Bernie Sanders tweeted a video exposing Human Rights violations by the Saudi government on Thursday.

“Activists are being imprisoned, tortured and murdered and the United States is still supporting the Saudi regime,” stated Sen. Sanders — explaining the critical situation.

The comedian Hasan Minhaj said that “prisons are filling up in Saudi Arabia. Hundreds are being detained, including critics of MBS and political activists.”

Senator Sanders declared: “We have a Saudi government led by a despotic ruler who killed a political opponent in cold blood,” referring to Jamal Kashoggi’s murder.

In the video published by Sanders, different people are claiming against the Saudi regime and the support the United States is giving to that government.

The video claims for a new type of relationship between Occidental countries and Saudi Arabia government. As activist Hala Al-Dosari said: “Governments should be supporting human rights and freedom.”


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