A YouTuber has uploaded 300 videos of him just sitting down and smiling and now has more than 200,000 subscribers


Benjamin Bennet is a peculiar YouTuber who now has more than 200,000 subscribers just by sitting down in a chair and smiling to a camera.

In an interview in 2015, he said: “My mail inbox is full of people asking me why am I doing this.”

The perseverance he has shown since he started uploading these type of videos to YouTube got him more than 200,000 subscribers in 6 years. As of today, he has recorded and uploaded more than 1,200 hours of basically the same thing, but people seem to love it.

An idea that may be absurd for many viewers is considered genius by others. Bennet continues to sit in front of the camera and uploading four-hour long videos where he just sits and smiles. Thing is Bennet earns more than $218 dollars a month thanks to his donors on Patreon. He told in a Vice interview that “there is not really a purpose for these videos.”

“When I stopped monetizing my YouTube channel in January I was earning around $100 a month but I know how annoying watching commercials can be, so I set a goal of getting $300 a month on Patreon, without advertising I may not reach that goal but I hope people are generous enough to support what I’m doing,” he said on his blog this month.

YouTube comments on his videos are quite funny: “my favorite part is when he is smiling,” “he looks like me waiting for school to finish,” or “Grandpa, what did you do to have fun when you were young?”

Definitely, we could consider his videos as some sort of performance art. What I know for sure is that sitting down without barely moving for 4 hours long is not as easy as it seems.






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